Atlas Provides Real Value

People-based marketing delivers results with greater accuracy than using cookies alone.

Did you know people-based marketing can help you better identify the impact of off-target ad delivery?

Greater accuracy can yield greater ROI. When you use Atlas to advertise to real people across the devices they own, you can get more from your marketing investments. With Atlas, you can deliver cross-device ads to your audience more efficiently and drive more value for your business.

The Atlas Value Calculator

Off-target delivery typically leads to wasted spend. Select your campaign and audience information to see how you could benefit from using Atlas' people-based marketing instead of typical, cookie-based delivery.

People vs. Cookies: Estimated Delivery, Spend and Reach
Based on impressions.
Atlas could help you identify  in potential off-target delivery. That’s approximately off-target impressions.
Delivery and Spend



On Target
Off Target
Cookies could overstate your reach by up to %. That's potentially people that you didn't actually reach.
Reported reach with cookies

Actual Reach
Overstated Reach
Target Audience

Case Studies

Here are just a few of the ways Atlas' people-based marketing is delivering real value for our customers every day.