Why Atlas?

Find out how people-based marketing can deliver real results for your business.

“Good enough” is no longer good enough.

People today are more connected than ever: cross-device, cross-browser, cross-publisher. Despite this, cookie-based ads are still the norm. They don’t work on mobile and they can’t measure real results.

Our Foundation: People-Based Marketing.

Atlas delivers cross-everything solutions that are built for today, ready for tomorrow and capable of providing real value for advertisers.


Solving cross-device fragmentation. Now you can reach and measure real people wherever content is consumed, across devices, browsers, publishers and channels. And you can tie your digital ads to in-store sales for a true picture of your campaign's performance.

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Built for today and ready for tomorrow. Now you can tell your brand story, in the formats people consume the most. Take advantage of cutting-edge tools and formats like creative sequencing, remarketing, video, native, in-app and more. A holistic approach to digital marketing that simplifies workflows and strengthens your storytelling.

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Delivering value for your business. With people-based marketing powered by the accuracy, persistence and scale of Facebook, we can improve your results and better optimize your budget. Use our Value Calculator and see for yourself.

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