Atlas Works Across Everything

Ad measurement and delivery that works wherever and whenever your audience goes online.

Did you know that 60% of adults use at least two devices everyday?¹

People today are cross-device, cross-browser, cross-publisher, cross-app, cross-everything. In fact, your audience spends more time on desktop and mobile combined than they do watching TV.2

But since cookies don’t work on mobile, they can’t capture cross-device paths to purchase, or deliver the real, people-based insights your campaign needs. And they can't tie digital engagement to physical sales.

Atlas delivers real insights from real people — not just cookies. Our people-based marketing is founded on the accuracy, persistence and scale of Facebook.

Now you can uncover the true value of your digital marketing efforts by connecting your online ads with in-store sales — where 94%* of purchases still happen.3


1. GfK ”Multi-device usage study” commissioned by Facebook, Nov-Dec 2013; US & UK
2. eMarketer, April 2015, US
3. US Census, 2014

Case Studies

Learn how real Atlas customers are leveraging the impact of our cross-everything solutions.