Third parties’ may use pixels, cookies or other technologies when they use our Services

When you view, click or otherwise interact with a website, app or ad using our Services, our customers, partners and their service providers may use pixels, cookies, SDKs or other technologies to help show you relevant ads and understand how our Services are performing. For example, our customers may use cookies to decide whether they want us to show you one of their ads or to measure the performance of the ads you see. They may also use these technologies to collect information about the effectiveness of their ads, such as how you use their advertised website or app or share information with our Services.

Third parties decide whether and how to use technologies when you interact with their products and services and their activities are governed by their own privacy policies and terms. We recommend that you review the privacy policies and terms of these third parties to understand their practices.

Some of these companies may participate in industry-developed programs that offer controls you can use to choose whether or not to receive certain types of targeted advertising. You can learn more about these programs by visiting their websites: