US Hispanic Affinity

Atlas reveals that niche online audience delivers high conversion efficiency.


Digital agency M8 specializes in helping clients create and deliver meaningful messages to high-value audiences.  For an airline client, M8 created a cross-device, bi-lingual campaign intended to reach people interested in routes between the US and Latin America.  Atlas’ people-based measurement demonstrated how M8’s media purchases delivered, for this airline, the high-value US Hispanic Affinity audience.  Further, Atlas was able to expose the relative conversion efficiency of this interest segment.


By applying people-based measurement from Atlas, M8 could:

  • Prove that M8 helped the Latin America-focused airline deliver to the US Hispanic Affinity audience at 2x the rate of the market average (15% vs 7% of reach) 
  • Prove that this niche audience converted at more than twice the rate of the US population as a whole (0.85 vs 0.34 conversions per person)
  • Identify publishers capable of delivering high concentrations of the US Hispanic Affinity audience
We always strive to verify that we are reaching our intended high-value audience niches, but with Atlas we can prove it at an unprecedented level. Atlas even told us which publishers can deliver more of this audience at a very granular scale. Jonatan Zinger, Director, Media Insights - M8