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Atlas links digital campaign to in-store sales.

Their Story

Leading designer brand Tommy Hilfiger was able to determine that its multi-device European digital campaign inspired in-store sales — a fact that had been difficult to confirm before using Atlas’ people-based marketing to deliver and measure its ads.

Their Results

Given Tommy Hilfiger’s strong online presence and commitment to omnichannel creative sequencing, it’s crucial for the company to know that its innovative digital strategy delivers more than just impressions. Gauging the full success of a sophisticated digital campaign is almost impossible using cookies alone, since they don’t work on mobile, overstate reach by up to 58% and understate frequency by up to 141%. Tommy Hilfiger knew it needed a people-based solution to better determine that its campaign strategy was working as planned.

Atlas’ ability to link online ads to in-store sales — rooted in Facebook’s accuracy, persistence and scale — provided Tommy Hilfiger with the information it needed to verify that the strategy was effective. Atlas compared sample CRM data sourced from Tommy Hilfiger’s “Hilfiger Club” subscribers in Germany* with impressions and clicks generated by campaigns run through Atlas, to determine that 13% of in-store purchasers during the study period had first seen one of the brand’s ads on either mobile, desktop or both.

Further confirmation of the campaign’s success was found by analyzing conversion based on device impression — an insight made possible by serving and measuring ads through Atlas. Consumers reached solely through mobile were found to be almost as likely to purchase as those reached on desktop alone. However, both channels were far more effective when experienced in tandem as part of the company’s sequential messaging, cross-device strategy. Consumers reached on both desktop and mobile devices made purchases at more than twice the rate of those reached on only one device type.

*The German market was selected for this country-specific analysis due to the volume of available data.

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Our cross-device strategy with Atlas has delivered strong results. The campaign has not only supported online sales and engagement, but has also driven a measurable increase of in-store purchases – a result that has previously been challenging to measure. Avery Baker, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer, Tommy Hilfiger