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Performance Media Group

Optimizing In-Flight Spend With People-Based Measurement


Their Story

German digital media agency Performance Media Group handles everything from strategic media consulting to hands-on implementation and optimization for clients in the banking, insurance, telco and travel spaces. Performance Media recently used Atlas to identify crucial, off-target publisher performance during a seven-week digital brand awareness campaign for a large retail client with more than 200 physical locations and a massive online presence.

Their Results

Atlas’ people-based measurement delivered real value in real time by giving Performance Media the information they needed to make in-flight adjustments during the campaign. After consulting Atlas’ publisher performance reporting, the agency cancelled placements with underperformers, shifted budget to placements with higher accuracy and renegotiated directly with some publishers to improve inventory quality and targeting. These campaign adjustments resulted in 34% more on-target impressions throughout the remainder of the campaign and an overall 20% reduction in average cost-per-GRP.

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