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MINI & MobeSeek

Uncovering conversions and targeting insights on mobile


Their Story

BMW auto marque MINI first made its name decades ago with a distinctive design philosophy and refusal to play by the rules of the road. The iconic brand’s latest groundbreaking move is happening on mobile. In promoting the new Countryman, MINI Australia and its digital agency MobeSeek utilized Atlas to uncover insights beyond the reach of cookie-based marketing.

Why Atlas? MINI and MobeSeek needed people-based marketing and measurement to learn more about the ideal Countryman audience, prove the utility of people-based marketing on mobile, gain a better understanding of cross-device conversions and find the value of mobile and desktop ads in driving conversions on MINI’s mobile site.

Their Results

Using people-based measurement instead of cookies alone, Atlas was able to reveal demographic and conversion results for the campaign’s mobile DSP and mobile retargeting publishers, as well as provide a better sense for which demographic groups will be most interested in future Countryman campaigns.

While MobeSeek learned that many of the conversions for this campaign came via ads served on mobile, the agency was still able to track cross-device conversions from ads delivered on desktop. They found that 30% of all conversions were desktop-to-mobile, an insight that would’ve been missed using cookies alone.

In general, the retargeting publisher was found to be more efficient at reaching people and impressions by conversion, while the mobile DSP reached a wider mobile audience. Tablets converted at a higher rate than other device types.

Based on the results of this test drive, MobeSeek says it will use Atlas to measure campaigns for other clients in the future.

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This is an exciting new opportunity for Australian marketers, both in terms of uncovering mobile insights and understanding cross-device behavior — which in this era of media fragmentation, is more important than ever. James Sugrue, Founder, MobeSeek