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Using Online Ads to Drive In-Store Sales

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Their Story

The Land of Nod is a US-based specialty brand that sells children's furniture, bedding, toys and accessories, most of which are created exclusively in-house.

The company uses Atlas’ self-serve Offline Actions tool on a weekly basis, uploading its CRM data from the previous week of sales to determine the impact of its digital media investments on in-store conversions.

Their Results

Atlas’ people-based measurement works online and offline, across devices, publishers and browsers, to help The Land of Nod optimize media planning and get better business results from its marketing. The Land of Nod credits Atlas data with driving year-over-year, in-store sales growth.




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“Atlas is a phenomenal tool that helps us bridge the online-to-offline divide, which has always been a challenge for us and so many other retailers. The data we see is both insightful and actionable, and is helping us grow our business in new ways.” — Matthew Ebbert, CRM and Analytics Manager, The Land of Nod