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KLM & Storm Digital

Taking Flight with the Power of Mobile Measurement


Their Story

KLM is the oldest airline in the world, but they’re widely recognized for being at the forefront of 21st century travel and marketing. The company joined forces with Atlas and media agency Storm Digital to answer two of the biggest questions facing their business today:

“How much should we invest in mobile display ads in the future?”
“What impact do our mobile ads have on desktop conversions, and vice versa?”

To find the answers, Atlas measured cross-device campaigns targeted to men and women across 56 million impressions.

Their Results

Atlas’ people-based measurement found more conversions than using cookies alone — 24% more, to be exact. And our cross-device capability helped KLM understand the true value of its mobile investment. While only 5% of conversions happened on a mobile device, 25% of all conversions were influenced by a mobile ad.

For KLM, the lesson is clear: mobile measurement matters. Even though its customers still tend to buy their tickets on desktop, they’re increasingly influenced to do so by the company’s mobile ads.

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These very promising results have confirmed our gut feeling. We will further focus on mobile advertising and continue investigating the impact and interaction of mobile display on conversion at a deeper level. — Arjan Grootveld, KLM Display Marketing Manager