Estée Lauder and NetBooster

Identifying wasted impressions and missed conversions.


Their Story

When MAC Cosmetics (Estée Lauder Group) and its digital agency NetBooster were preparing their campaign to launch MAC’s new eye shadow line, they selected publishers they believed could be counted on to deliver their target audience of females 18-44. But previous, cookie-based campaigns lead them to believe that wasted impressions and missed conversion attribution were clouding results.

This time, they utilized Atlas’ people-based marketing for media demographic validation, insights into channel performance and a comparison of people-based vs. cookie-based delivery.

Their Results

Using people-based delivery and analysis instead of cookies alone, Atlas found that men represented up to one-third of campaign impressions and reach across the top four publishers, even though the goal had been to target females. These wasted impressions represented up to 18% of total campaign spend — money that can now be reallocated to higher-performing channels in future campaigns.

The campaign’s niche publishers and RTB platforms were found to be more cost-effective and demographically relevant than powerful home page placements. In fact, one of these niche publishers, a widely respected fashion periodical, delivered 43% of its impressions to the key demo of women 18-34 — delivering a more efficient ROI than larger publishers. On balance, Atlas helped MAC and NetBooster determine that data-based audience planning delivers greater efficiency for their product than contextual targeting.

In the study’s comparison of people vs. cookies, people-based delivery identified 16% more conversions than cookie-based, demonstrating the value of mobile data and measuring the actions of real people across devices. Cookies were also found to overstate the campaign’s reach by 9%, while also understating ad frequency by 10%.

Atlas’ people-based marketing has given MAC and NetBooster a full understanding of campaign reach and delivery for the first time.

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Every decision that was made in the past two years based on cookie data was wrong — it was better than nothing, but it was still wrong. With Atlas, we now have the people-based insights and better visibility into the customer journey so we can deliver more efficient campaigns delivering better value for our clients. Yann Gabay, France & Southern Europe Director, NetBooster