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BPCE & Zenith Optimedia

A new level of audience and cross-device understanding


Their Story

Through its many subsidiaries, Group BPCE serves more than 40 million customers throughout France. With such a wide product line and vast potential audience, Banque Populaire and its agency Zenith Optimedia often run multiple campaigns targeting different groups. The company recently utilized Atlas’ people-based marketing to deliver and measure three distinct campaigns: “eXperience,” (promoting small business community clients), “Convention 1 Euros” (promoting student banking contracts) and “Etudiants Logements” (offering student housing services).

Banque Populaire’s primary goal in using Atlas was to increase the company’s understanding of its audience by determining the targeting success of each campaign — but there were additional insights to be gleaned along the way.

Their Results

BPCE’s findings were as distinct as its products. Media buys for the student housing campaign (ages 16-24) delivered at just 48% on-target, illuminating opportunities for better return on future campaigns. But adults 25-34 converted two times more often than the primary target, even though they represented just 15% of total reach. Since the older age group was clearly interested too, future housing search services may be targeted to them as well.

Post-campaign analysis also revealed a handful of publishers who indexed off-target and/or delivered too many ads per conversion. In the future, these publishers will be excluded.

For the campaign promoting small businesses, Atlas’ cross-device capabilities were hugely beneficial. Even though impressions were split between desktop (58%) and mobile (42%), 75% of all cross-device conversions came from people whose last exposure had been on mobile. Since traffic to its mobile sit is low, Banque Populaire had once considered reducing mobile ad spend, but now plans to continue with a balanced desktop/mobile mix.

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By working with Atlas, we have been able to reach a new level in terms of audience and cross-device understanding. For these campaigns, where the focus is not limited to the conversion rate, our primary goal is uncovering insights about the quality of the delivery, and Atlas makes that possible. — Chantal Petrachi, Communications Director, Banque Populaire