55 and Ferrero

Validating on-target delivery with people-based marketing.


Their Story

Given their penchant for causing mischief, it’s important to always keep one’s eye on the “Minions.”

When the animated stars of the international hit film were enlisted by Ferrero to promote Tic Tac candy this summer, the confectionary giant wanted to make sure the tiny yellow troublemakers did exactly as they were told.

Working in tandem with French digital agency 55, Ferrero enlisted Atlas to validate the campaign’s success in reaching its intended target of adults 18-34. Additionally, the clients wanted to compare demographic vs. contextual targeting, and gain a true cross-device understanding of the campaign’s most effective publishers and channels.

Their Results

In a post-campaign analysis, Atlas’ people-based, cross-device insights confirmed that the “Minions” campaign had overwhelmingly hit its target. More than 80% of all impressions came from adults 18-34 — a number so large, it actually represents close to 60% of France’s entire internet population.

Reach Per Age

55 and Ferrero also discovered that demographic-based targeting was more effective than contextual targeting for this campaign (70% vs. less than 56% of the target).

Due to the success of its first campaign working with Atlas, 55 now plans to utilize Atlas’ people-based delivery and measurement for all of its major clients moving forward.

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Following 55's advice, we tracked a digital campaign with Atlas in order to measure media target reach for the first time. This enabled us to validate that our Tic Tac ‘Minion’ campaign accurately reached our target audience and gave us significant insights for our media buying in the future. Guillaume Du Gardier, Head of Digital, France, Ferrero