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Connecting Ads With In-Store Purchases

Mattress Firm is a specialty bedding retailer with more than 3,500 retail locations across the US. With the help of its marketing agency, Merkle, the company used Atlas’ Offline Actions reporting to understand the impact of its digital ad buys on in-store sales. Advertisers can use Offline Actions to ensure their digital marketing investment gets the credit it deserves.

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Discovering True Campaign Reach

Unilever Indonesia partnered with Atlas to get people-based performance insights for its biggest campaign of 2016. Atlas helped the CPG leader get a new understanding of cross-device reach, ad frequency, publisher performance, audience targeting and digital paths to conversion.

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Measuring Purchase Consideration & In-App Ads

Bouygues Telecom is a France-based mobile phone, ISP and IPTV provider that worked closely with its agency, Performics, to measure its mobile media performance across devices using Atlas' people-based measurement solutions. The company used these results to get a better understanding of in-app ad performance and how long it takes its consumers to make a purchase decision.

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Using Online Ads to Drive In-Store Sales

The Land of Nod is a US-based specialty brand that sells children's furniture, bedding, toys and accessories, most of which are created exclusively in-house. The company uses Atlas’ self-serve Offline Actions tool on a weekly basis, uploading its CRM data from the previous week of sales to determine the impact of its digital media investments on in-store conversions.

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Measuring Social Impact With Atlas

The Ad Council is a private, nonprofit organization that marshals volunteer talent from the ad industry to create and deliver critical messages to the American public. The Ad Council recently partnered with Atlas to measure a cross-publisher, cross-device campaign for Feeding America, the largest hunger-relief charity in the U.S.

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The road to conversion is cross-device

Toyota and Optimedia worked with Atlas to measure cross-device consumer journeys for a recent digital ad campaign totaling 263 million impressions. They found that half of all conversion journeys included at least one mobile touchpoint along the way — an insight they would've missed by measuring with cookies alone.

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Proving the value of mobile

Just because an advertiser is known for cutting-edge, high quality product, that doesn’t mean they aren’t mindful of their media spend. As part of the YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, MR PORTER is constantly looking for smarter ways to target its audience and allocate budget. They turned to Atlas for fresh, cross-everything measurement insights that will sharpen future campaigns.

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Atlas delivers real value in real time

How does people-based measurement create more value than tracking with cookies alone? German digital media agency Performance Media Group found out when they tapped Atlas’ powerful, people-based measurement to make real-time campaign adjustments that reduced a client’s average cost-per-GRP by 20% overall.

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Measuring mobile’s true value

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is widely recognized for its position at the forefront of 21st century travel and marketing. The company recently joined forces with Atlas and Storm Digital to answer two of the biggest questions facing its business today: “How much should we spend on mobile display?” and “How do our mobile ads impact desktop sales?”

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Cross-device insights for multiple campaigns and audiences

Group BPCE, France’s second largest bank, and Publicis-owned agency Zenith Optimedia used Atlas to deliver and measure three recent campaigns. Atlas’ people-based marketing gave the company insights into demographic validation, wasted spend, cross-device conversions and publisher performance that would’ve otherwise been impossible to find using cookies alone.

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First time measuring mobile conversions

MINI Australia and its digital agency MobeSeek utilized Atlas to go beyond the reach of cookie-based marketing and understand mobile site conversions for the very first time. People-based measurement revealed that 30% of all campaign conversions were desktop-to-mobile — an insight that would’ve been missed using cookie-based measurement alone. But that wasn’t the only discovery.

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Managing the transition to Atlas

From cost to implementation to performance, marketers face many factors when considering a new measurement and delivery platform. We spoke with three recently onboarded clients — OMD, Pervorm and Rocket Internet — for feedback on why they made the switch to Atlas and the experience they've had transitioning to the platform.

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Delivering value by revealing wasted spend

MAC Cosmetics (Estée Lauder Group) and its digital agency NetBooster utilized Atlas to uncover problems with wasted campaign spend and unattributed conversions. What they learned will help them reallocate specific channel investments in future campaigns.

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Successfully validating targeted delivery

French digital agency 55 and confectionary giant Ferrero utilized Atlas to confirm on-target delivery for a recent Tic Tac candy promotion. Since the campaign’s creative and media were carefully selected to reach adults 18-34, validating successful delivery was a top priority.

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Measuring the impact of mobile ads

Live Nation, the world’s largest live entertainment company, utilized Atlas to serve and analyze its cross-device campaign for one of their major 2015 concert tours. The company wanted to make sure its ads were reaching core fans in the right places at the right time, but needed the mobile insights to prove it.

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Linking digital ads to in-store sales

Tommy Hilfiger, one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands, utilized Atlas’ people-based measurement and delivery to determine that its cross-device campaign was influential in driving in-store purchases.

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Connecting impression to purchase

Guthy-Renker, a leading direct marketer known for their innovative campaigns, learned from Atlas that their display advertising efforts for Proactiv Solution, the world’s best-selling acne treatment brand, were contributing to downstream paid-search responses.

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