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Improve performance and reduce waste with people-based targeting and delivery.

Proxies don’t cut it when it comes to targeting. They tie advertisers to outdated assumptions about who you’re trying to reach. And they limit insight into the actual paths buyers follow as they navigate their multi-step purchasing journeys. Atlas delivers a better way. Backed by information from real people, Atlas empowers advertisers to target with more precision than any other technology.

Leveraging its unique data, Atlas optimizes ad targeting, reducing guesswork, waste and overspend. Using people-based insight to help advertisers construct, understand and optimize performance in one integrated place, Atlas:

  • Leverages data from real people on age, gender, device type and both home and current location targeting
  • Gives new people-based control over frequency capping and prioritization
  • Integrates built-in retargeting that stays relevant to targets on the web or on whatever device they use, even across campaigns