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Power and understanding advertisers have only imagined. The right insights, faster and more comprehensive than ever before.

Atlas gives advertisers a new lens into campaign optimization, revealing the insights that help shape results – in near real-time. Atlas delivers overlap reports that show which audiences are being served across multiple sites, helping media planners bring new efficiency and precision to ad buys. With flexibility across time zones, devices, delivery schedules, sequencing and demographics, Atlas opens up the insight that lets campaign analysts understand and boost ROI.

Matching real audience information with precise, up-to-the-minute reporting, Atlas:

  • Speeds automated or ad-hoc report delivery with simple, easy-to-use pre-sets
  • Minimizes set-up complexity and repetition through “favorites,” pre-fills and easy reconfiguration of previously run reports
  • Flags potential risks through reach overlap reports, sequencing analysis, over-serving/under-serving alerts and multi-view scheduling insights
  • Keeps options flexible with on-the-fly modeling and easy access to log-level data
  • Lets users create reports quickly and easily, even from within a campaign

Atlas lets advertisers reveal value-driving insight quickly, accurately and with fewer steps, all in one unified place.