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People-based measurement that is holistic and cross-device.

Atlas gives advertisers the next-generation tools they need to analyze and understand even the most complex campaigns. With performance views spanning demographics, to device usage, Atlas harnesses people-based information to help advertisers rethink and optimize campaign results.

With unparalleled views into attribution, multi-device usage, reach and ad placement overlap, Atlas leverages people – not cookies alone – to give advertisers new clarity and accuracy as they measure results.


  • Clarifies people-based reach and frequency reporting, including overlap reports, both compared to cookie-based reporting
  • Enables cross-device reporting, even de-duping device activity to reveal accurate people-based insight
  • Reveals performance by audience slices, leveraging demographic data that clarifies results, even without advance audience setup
  • Shows accurate, insight-building conversion analysis
  • Provides specific views into actual results by age, gender, location, device and other attributes 

Atlas delivers answers to the big questions that have challenged advertisers in the past. It sees through the complexity of today’s digital reality, even crossing over into the real world to power new marketing opportunities – and results.