What control do I have over how information collected using cookies or similar technologies is used?

Atlas supports the principles of and participates in the self-regulatory programs of the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) and the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”). You can use tools provided by these organizations to opt-out of receiving ads on your browser from Atlas or other participating companies that are shown to you based on information about your interests that is inferred from your use of unaffiliated websites over time on that browser (commonly known as online behavioral advertising “OBA”). When you choose to use these controls, we place an opt-out cookie on the browser you are using. If you use multiple devices or browsers you will need to opt-out on each one. If you choose to use a browser’s setting to delete cookies from that browser, you will delete any opt-out cookie associated with that browser and will need to opt-out again. You can also opt out using your mobile device settings. Keep in mind that your choice does not apply to ads delivered in your mobile browser, because websites generally cannot tell whether you have enabled these settings. To learn more, please see your mobile device’s settings menu.

Although you can use these controls to control how we and other companies use information for OBA, they will not shut off advertising completely. For example, even if you have opted out, Atlas may still show you ads, such as ads that are based on the website or app you are using (sometimes called “contextual ads”) or your location. We also use the information collected from the opted-out browser or device for purposes such as frequency capping, reporting and measurement.