Privacy Policy

Effective date: April 13, 2015

Atlas, a Facebook company, is a world-class ad-serving and measurement platform, offering services (“Services”) to advertisers and agencies to help them deliver and understand the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. Our ad-serving platform helps advertisers deliver their ads to the right audiences at the right time. We also measure campaign performance and provide deep, accurate and actionable insights into our customers’ advertising campaigns. Atlas maintains websites, such as, (“our Websites”), that provide information about our Services.

This privacy policy applies when you use our Services and Websites, as well as when you visit websites, apps or other services provided by third-parties using or incorporating our Services.

What information is collected through our Services and Websites?

We collect information from your browsers and devices when you (or others using your browser or device) view, visit or use advertisements, websites or apps that use our Services. We also collect information from third parties, such as our customers and partners, which include marketing partners, publishers, and service providers, related to their use and support of our Services.

  • Information from your browsers and devices. We collect information when your browser or device visits or interacts with advertisements, websites or apps that are using our Services. Information we collect includes, among other things, device type, operating system, unique identifiers, IP address, location, browser type and language, and header information such as URLs and date/time stamps.
  • Information about interactions with our Services. We collect information when your browser or device uses or interacts with our Services, or with the ads, websites, apps or services of parties that use our Services. This includes information about:
    • the advertisements served to your browser or device, such as the ad shown and why that ad was shown, and the date and time of delivery;
    • performance of advertisements on your browser or device, such as interactions with ads and visits to the websites, apps or services advertised; and
    • other activity connected to ads served to your browser or device, such as online and offline purchases of advertised products or services.
  • Information from third parties. We receive information from our customers, partners and other third parties, such as information from their records including demographic, purchase and interest information, which help determine what ads are shown on your browser or device and measure the effectiveness of ads.
  • Information from related companies. We receive information about you and the browser(s) or device(s) you use from our related companies, specifically our parent company Facebook and its family of companies, in accordance with their terms and policies. Learn more about these companies and their policies.
  • Information provided through our Websites. We also collect information that you or others provide through our Websites or other customer interfaces.

How do we use the information we have?

We use all of the information we have to improve, support, and provide our advertising, measurement and reporting Services. To do so more effectively, we may use the information we have to associate the browsers and devices you use so we can provide better and more consistent experiences across browsers and devices and improve our Services. We also use the information we have for the following purposes:

  • Serving and selecting ads. We use the information we have to help find and match appropriate audiences to advertiser campaigns and to customize the ads served to your browser or device. To do this we may use information we have about your activities over time and across different websites, apps, browsers, and devices. We may also decide to show an ad based on the website or app you are using, things you may be interested in, or requests from our advertising and agency customers who decide to show ads to a particular audience, sometimes using information they have. We also use the information we have to optimize ad delivery, such as by managing the frequency and order of ads shown.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and individual ads. We use the information we have to measure and understand the effectiveness of ads served across browsers and devices. This includes measuring interactions with advertisements and advertisers’ websites, apps and stores by analyzing information such as clicks or other interactions with ads, visits to websites or apps linked to from ads, and activities in advertisers’ stores.
  • Providing and improving Services. We use the information we have to support our services through activities such as infrastructure monitoring and internal maintenance, analyzing how our services are used, research and development, and billing. We may also use the information we have to maintain, protect, improve and develop our and our related companies’ services.
  • Protecting you, ourselves and others. We may use information to detect, prevent, investigate and address fraud and other unauthorized or illegal activity; to protect ourselves, you and others, including as part of investigations; or otherwise to prevent harm.
  • Customer inquiries and support. We may use the information provided through our Websites and Services to respond to inquiries and provide customer support.

We use a variety of technologies, such as pixels, browser headers, software development kits (“SDKs”), cookies and other technologies, to collect, use, log and share information as described in this policy so we can provide and support our Services. Our customers, partners and other parties may also use various technologies to collect information about you, such as when you interact with ads, websites, or apps using our Services. Learn more about how we use cookies or how third parties may collect information about you.

What choices do I have regarding how information is used?

Atlas supports the principles of and participates in the self-regulatory programs of the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) and the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”). Learn more about how you can control how information collected from your browsers and devices is used to personalize the ads you see.

How is this information shared?

We work with advertisers and other partners as we provide and improve our Services. We share information with these organizations as a part of these efforts.

Here are the types of organizations we can share information with about you, your browser or device:

  • Customers and partners. We share with advertisers and their partners the information we collect on their websites and apps or in connection with their advertisements. We share aggregated or other non-personally identifying information with customers and partners that helps them place or understand the performance of ads. For example, we share non-personally identifiable information with these entities that tells them how many people saw their ad or visited their website or app, the demographics of the audience, and whether an ad served achieved a desired result such as whether people who saw a company’s ad clicked on the ad or purchased the advertised product. (By contrast, personally identifiable information is information like name or email address that can by itself be used to contact you or identifies who you are.) We also share aggregated information that is not connected with a particular ad campaign, such as the number of people we have assigned to general interest categories or segments.
  • Related companies: We share information we receive with our related companies, specifically our parent company Facebook and other entities within the Facebook group of companies, to help provide, understand, and improve our and our related companies’ services.
  • Service providers, vendors and other partners. We may share information that we collect with vendors, service providers, and others that work at our direction to help us support and provide our Services and Websites globally.
  • Change in control. If the ownership or control of all or part of our services of their assets changes, we may transfer the information we have to the new owner.

How do we store information?

Information that we receive, including information collected within the European Economic Area (“EEA”) and elsewhere around the world, may be transferred to, stored or processed in the United States or any other country globally for the purposes described in this policy.

We typically retain information that we collect through our Services for two years, after which we delete or aggregate the information unless we deem it necessary to retain the information to comply with any applicable law, rule or regulation.

How do we respond to legal requests or prevent harm?

We may access, preserve and share information we have in response to a legal request (like a search warrant, court order or subpoena) if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so. This may include responding to legal requests from jurisdictions outside of the United States where we have a good faith belief that the response is required by law in that jurisdiction, affects individuals in that jurisdiction, and is consistent with internationally recognized standards. We may also access, preserve and share information when we have a good faith belief it is necessary to: detect, prevent and address fraud and other illegal activity; to protect ourselves, you and others, including as part of investigations; or to prevent death or imminent bodily harm. Information we receive about you may be accessed, processed and retained for an extended period of time when it is the subject of a legal request or obligation, governmental investigation, or investigations concerning possible violations of our terms or policies, or otherwise to prevent harm.

Updates to the privacy policy

Since we may update this policy, we recommend that you check the current version available from time to time. If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will update the Effective Date at the top of this page.

How to contact us

If you have questions about this policy, or information that you have provided via our websites, you can reach us via email at