Behind the Buzz: People-Based Marketing Defined

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“People-based marketing” is more than a catchphrase. It’s our foundation.

There’s been a lot of talk about “people-based marketing” lately. We should know — we coined the term. Since Atlas first launched people-based marketing at Advertising Week 2014, several industry players have followed suit. And you know what? We think that’s a good thing. The appeal of people-based marketing makes sense at this critical moment in advertising history. Consumer attention is more fragmented than ever before, with mobile and cross-device traffic growing by the week. Existing ad tech (read: cookies) simply can’t keep up. In our digital-first era, marketers face a clear choice: customize ad content and delivery to the habits of modern consumers or risk being left behind.

Real people-based marketing combines philosophy and practice to accurately reach consumers in a mobile world — wherever your audience is, on any device. Atlas moves beyond cookies to reveal the connections between online, mobile and in-store experiences, delivering ad targeting and measurement of unprecedented power. By putting people at the core of success, we can help marketers understand, guide and grow their results more effectively than ever before.

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