Every day, we go to work in order to help our clients create the most effective digital advertising campaigns in the world. We do this in a few ways. By building the most reliable ad-serving platform in the industry. By providing deep, accurate and actionable insights into your campaign. And by creating a best-in-class partner ecosystem that allows you to extend and customize the Atlas platform in ways that work best for your campaigns.

Atlas was founded in 2001, when ad serving was in its infancy, and has helped advertisers navigate the digital ecosystem ever since. We pioneered Engagement Mapping in 2008, or what is now known industry-wide as multi-touch attribution. It is our goal to make media more measurable, accountable and transparent, so that our clients can optimize their campaigns and drive business results. We continue to innovate and find ways to do this, each and every day.

In 2013, Atlas was purchased by Facebook and operates as a separate entity. Atlas is in more than 24 markets globally and has dedicated support teams throughout the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

In 2014, Atlas re-launched with an entirely rebuilt code base and user-interface. Atlas is based on insights from real people to provide unmatched accuracy and insight in today’s cross-device, multi-channel world.