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Navigating the Cross-Device Measurement Maze

Facebook’s Scott Shapiro, Head of Product Marketing, Measurement, recently joined representatives from several top media groups at the dmexco Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference to discuss the measurement challenges facing today’s marketers. You can watch the panel, “Today’s Marketing Maze: Solving the Cross-Device Problem,” below.

While mobile has created undeniable convenience for consumers, it’s caused more than a few headaches for advertisers and agencies. Chief among these is the challenge of linking cross-environment advertising with real business outcomes. Marketers are struggling to demonstrate value like never before — 83% of respondents in a recent eMarketer survey¹ said the pressure to prove their business contribution had increased.

With cross-device usage at an all-time high, your users may see the same ad message multiple times, across multiple devices and marketing channels, before ever visiting your website, installing your app or making a purchase. And when they do, that transaction may happen on a different device than the one where they first saw your campaign. They may even make an in-store purchase as a result of viewing your ad. But how can you be sure?

After years spent relying on device-bound metrics like clicks and cookies that only measure ad engagement in a vacuum, marketers need a new way to evaluate their campaign performance honestly — across all the different devices and environments where people see their ads — so they can maximize ROI and link their media strategies to real conversions.

Cross-device measurement may look challenging now, but there’s a way out of the maze. Start by watching the dmexco panel (above), read Success Stories from businesses like yours or contact us today to learn more about working with Atlas by Facebook.


1. Source: eMarketer. “Are Marketers Measuring Their Business Value?” May 2015.