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Increased Cross-Environment Accuracy With Atlas

Atlas’ ability to measure ad performance based on insights from real people gives marketers the data they need to plan, target and optimize their campaigns in a world where people go online across multiple devices, browsers and publishers everyday. We’re excited to announce that Atlas can now measure your ad performance with increased accuracy across all of those environments, leveraging insights from 1.15 billion cross-environment Facebook users worldwide.


What exactly does this mean?

1.15 billion people around the world now log into Facebook across two or more devices (desktop or mobile) and two or more browsers*. This gives Atlas the ability to deploy people-based measurement and targeting at scale, so you can understand the success of your campaign investments and measure your effectiveness at driving real business outcomes with greater accuracy. The more accurate your measurement tools are, the better your ability to connect with the audiences who matter most — and make future campaign investments that maximize value.

Why is this important?

Now more than ever, marketers are in need of measurement and delivery solutions that tell them exactly how their ads are performing across environments, so they can see the impact of every dollar spent.

As more people use multiple devices to go online, marketers are heavily increasing investments in cross-environment ads. But most of today’s marketing solutions are unable to understand the actions of real people across all the devices and browsers they use and all the publishers they visit. Without a true understanding of campaign results, it’s impossible to see how ads are really performing, connect campaigns to real-world sales and make the right publisher investments (or divestments) moving forward.

According to a new study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by Facebook**, 84% of marketers today view the development of a comprehensive cross-device strategy as critical to their success — but only 20% are “very confident” in their current ability to serve the right message to the right person on the right device. And only 14% are sure they can measure cross-device conversion events at all.

Atlas solves for this problem by enabling Facebook’s people-based measurement and delivery across publishers, on multiple devices and browsers, so advertisers can see how their messages resonate with real people.


Cross-environment measurement in action

Scale is meaningless if it doesn’t provide a true understanding of marketing performance. Recent Atlas success stories prove the importance of accurate, cross-environment measurement in driving real business outcomes.

Our measurement of a cross-environment Toyota campaign found that more than half of all personal conversion journeys (55%) included a mobile touchpoint, highlighting the importance of the campaign’s high-yield mobile ad buys. Atlas’ ability to measure real results also helped Toyota optimize future investments by highlighting potential reallocations away from a low-performing publisher. With this information, Toyota will be able to maximize the value of future campaigns by increasing its mobile investments and focusing on the publishers that drive the best results for its brand.

And our people-based measurement of a cross-environment campaign for MINI helped the automaker measure mobile site conversions for the first time ever, and found that 30% of all campaign conversions were desktop-to-mobile.


ROI: The metric that matters most

According to the Forrester study, 84% of marketers say they use ROI as a top metric for success. By putting real people at the center of your campaign planning, targeting and measurement — and focusing on measurement that creates internal consistency across paid channels and devices — you can ensure your campaign is constructed to drive the highest possible return on investment and discover new opportunities for value moving forward.

The full results of the study, “Embrace Cross-Device Solutions in the Age of the Customer: Cross-Device Advertising is a Priority for Advertising Success,” are available to read now. To get started with Atlas, reach out to your Client Partner today.


*At least once every 90 days
**Source: Forrester Consulting. “Embrace Cross-Device Solutions In The Age of The Customer,” Atlas Commissioned. May, 2016.)