Atlas Solutions

New Case Study: Atlas and Toyota

“People-based measurement gives us a completely different, much more relevant approach to all our analysis, findings and insights.”
— Francisco Palma, Marketing Communications Manager, Toyota Spain

Atlas recently partnered with Toyota and Optimedia in Spain to measure the success of a cross-device ad campaign for the Yaris that was designed to generate test drives, catalogue downloads and price quotes. The result was the first-ever cross-device digital attribution model for the company in Spain, yielding conversion, media and targeting insights that will be used to drive value for future Toyota campaigns.

Whenever a person is shown an ad, clicks on an ad or converts as a result of a campaign Atlas measures, we report what happens next — across devices, browsers and publishers. This helps advertisers understand the impact of every campaign decision they make, so they know which of their investments drive real business outcomes and which ones don’t.

“We are now more aware about the cross-device reality of the market, and we will be making strong efforts to adapt all future marketing and creative plans based on these findings.”
— Francisco Palma, Marketing Communications Manager, Toyota Spain

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