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New Case Study: Atlas Reveals a 60% Increase in Mobile Sales


Just because an advertiser is known for cutting-edge, high quality product, that doesn’t mean they aren’t mindful of getting the most for their media budget.

As part of the YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, MR PORTER is constantly looking for smart ways to target its audience via ad investments that deliver real value. To size up publisher performance and sharpen future tactics, they turned to Atlas for fresh, cross-everything measurement insights into recent campaigns totaling 140 million impressions worldwide.

With Atlas’ people-based measurement, MR PORTER was finally able to prove the value of its mobile investments. Atlas measured a massive 60% uplift in mobile sales and a 29% increase in sales attribution overall. A full 38% of conversions included a mobile ad or interaction along the way, further highlighting the value of the site’s mobile ad investments in driving cross-device sales.

And because Atlas found conversion uplift for all but one publisher, mobile pubs that once barely made a splash when measured with cookies were finally able to prove their full value to MR PORTER’s media team.

The entire experience was fantastic. We were navigating multiple stakeholders — internal teams, two agencies, several publishers — all at a time when the pressure was on: the run-up to Christmas. Atlas helped us navigate all this and deliver insights ahead of schedule with complete, all-encompassing tracking.
— Cristina Sagarduy, Group Performance Marketing Director, THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP

For more details, download the full Atlas Success Story now.