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New Case Study: Optimizing Campaign Spend With Atlas

Performance Media Group isn’t content to simply sit back and watch their clients’ digital campaigns wind down. When the German digital media agency sees an opportunity for improvement, they like to get their hands dirty and make changes — even after the campaign is in flight. Fortunately, Atlas delivers accurate, up-to-date publisher reporting to help agencies and their clients determine when it’s time to step in.

Performance Media learned this firsthand when they used Atlas to optimize a recent campaign for a large retail client. Atlas’ people-based measurement revealed a handful of publishers who were delivering heavily off-target with weeks to go before the campaign ended. Based on this data, the agency made a series of in-flight adjustments to optimize media spend and deliver provable value for the client. These changes resulted in 34% more on-target impressions for the remainder of the campaign and a 20% reduction in average cost-per-GRP.

For more details, download the full Atlas Success Story now.