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New Case Study: Atlas Measurement Finds 24% More Conversions Than Cookies

“How much should we spend on mobile display?”

“What impact do our mobile ads have on desktop conversions, and vice versa?”

Like many advertisers, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has wrestled with questions around mobile ad investment for years. On one hand, the need to establish a major mobile presence is irrefutable for a globally recognized travel leader such as KLM. But outdated, cookie-based measurement technology has muted the company’s understanding of its mobile ad performance in the past.

Since cookies don’t travel across devices, there’s no way to measure the impact of KLM’s mobile ads on desktop purchases without first answering the question of customer measurement. And since the vast majority of KLM’s ticket purchases still happen on desktop, this major measurement gap fails to prove the value of the company’s mobile ad investments.

For KLM, the need for a people-based, cross-everything measurement solution is clear. To find answers to the questions above, Atlas measured multiple KLM cross-device campaigns totaling 56 million impressions.

We found that even though 95% of all customer purchases happened on desktop and just 5% took place on mobile, 25% of all purchases were influenced by at least one mobile ad. Without Atlas’ cross-device ability to tie mobile impressions to desktop results, the value of KLM’s mobile ad investments would still be in question. Now, the answer is undeniable: KLM’s mobile advertising clearly drives a significant share of ticket sales, no matter what device those tickets are purchased on.

And Atlas’ ability to measure purchases made by real people across devices uncovered 24% more conversions than cookie-based measurement would’ve on its own, painting an even more complete picture of how valuable KLM’s mobile investments really are.

“These very promising results have confirmed our gut feeling. We will further focus on mobile advertising and continue investigating the impact and interaction of mobile display on conversion at a deeper level.”
– Arjan Grootveld, KLM Display Marketing Manager

For more details, download the full Atlas Success Story now.