Atlas Solutions

Make the Most of Your Remarketing

By Xiao Zhang, Marketing Sciences

Remarketing — the simple act of reengaging people who’ve already visited your site or app — is among the most reliable practices in a marketer’s toolkit. As SaleCycle recently found, remarketing campaigns delivered average order values 18.4% higher than those of direct sales in Q3 2015.

But for all the success of their remarketing campaigns, advertisers are still leaving money on the table. Since people-based marketing gives advertisers a more accurate understanding of behavior than cookie-based measurement, it increases your opportunities for re-engaging people throughout the conversion funnel. By targeting real people who’ve already demonstrated interest, brands now have the opportunity to get even better results from this highly efficient practice.

Our analysis reveals a 25% increase in remarketing opportunities1 for Atlas clients who use this capability instead of remarketing with cookies alone. And the opportunity grows on mobile — when using Atlas to remarket to synced mobile traffic, the number more than doubles.

How is this possible? Since Atlas is people-based, we can differentiate perceived “new cookie” traffic from actual behavior that meets an advertiser’s preset parameters. This helps advertisers know when to send customized remarketing messages instead of generic prospecting ads — and personalization can make all the difference when it comes to forging a true connection with your audience.

Imagine how people-based remarketing could improve the advertising experience of your customers and increase your opportunity for conversion:

Potential customers who’ve already viewed your product or abandoned their shopping carts are far more likely to purchase than those who haven’t — they just need the right product-specific reminder. Accurate, customized remarketing messages based on information from real people can help you make the most of this efficient, high-yield tactic.

Marketers now have the tools to maximize their remarketing campaigns. When remarketing is done right, everybody benefits.


1 Atlas internal data, Nov 6, 2015 – Jan 17, 2016. Results depict all Atlas clients using retargeting tactics worldwide.