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Banque Populaire Gets to Know Its Audience With Atlas

Advertisers and agencies rarely execute just one campaign at a time. Businesses with diversified product lines often run multiple campaigns simultaneously. With so many balls in the air and so many decisions to make, it’s important that marketers have access to accurate, actionable results for every campaign so they can continue to make the right decisions.

As France’s second largest bank, Group BPCE (Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne) is one such advertiser. Working in conjunction with Publicis-owned agency Zenith Optimedia, BPCE recently used Atlas to deliver and measure three recent campaigns. The results yielded insights into demographic validation, wasted spend, cross-device conversions, publisher performance and more.

“By working with Atlas, we have been able to reach a new level in terms of audience and cross-device understanding,” said Banque Populaire Communications Director Chantal Petrachi. “For these campaigns, where the focus is not limited to the conversion rate, our primary goal is uncovering insights about the quality of the delivery, and Atlas makes that possible.”

The Banque Populaire and Zenith Optimedia teams also commented on Atlas’ ease of use and the simplicity of incorporating the platform into their workflows. Process and setup for each campaign was described as “very efficient,” and Atlas was noted for its user-friendly capabilities in contrast with other marketing solutions.

For further details on each campaign and its Atlas results, download the full case study now.