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Real People of Atlas: Sarah Hartnett

by: Romain Gambier, Digital Marketing Manager |

Each month, we introduce our readers to a different member of the Atlas team. This month we’d like you to meet …

Sarah Hartnett, Product Marketing Manager


Sometimes it takes a bit of extra effort to convince our Atlas team members to open up for our monthly “Real People” feature … and sometimes, we barely have to lift a finger! Sarah’s open, honest answers capture her welcoming personality to a T. Read on to learn more about Sarah’s background, interests and the important role she plays here at Atlas.


Hi Sarah! Thanks for taking some time out of your busy day to answer a few questions. Let’s start with an easy one — what’s your favorite hobby?

 Without a doubt, my favorite hobby and passion in life is running! I started getting into running in 2008 with my first half marathon. Since then, my love for the sport has propelled me into a variety of distance races, including four full marathons and 14 half marathons. The Chicago Marathon was my favorite race so far.

Oh, I also love food — dining, cooking … and Moscow Mules!


We can definitely relate to you on that one. Any other hobbies or interests you want to share? Your favorite animal, for example?

I’d have to say koalas are my favorite. And also Lola, my Boston Terrier pup.

And I love to travel. My favorite places to vacation are Vancouver, BC and Maui. Vancouver is great for their food scene, shopping and places to run. And I love Maui because that’s where I got married.


Thanks! Okay, now on to the “serious” stuff. Can you tell us a little about your professional background?

 I first started working in digital advertising in 2006, back in the early days of IYP (the Internet Yellow Pages, for those who remember). I quickly moved into the digital ad agency world, where I managed SEM campaigns, search strategy, bid optimization and more.


How long have you been on the Atlas team?

Cumulatively, I’ve been on the Atlas team for nearly 4 years.



Things have come full circle! I first worked at Atlas as a technical account manager back in the Microsoft days, then moved back to the agency world to manage client-product relationships and big data warehousing. Of course, I’ve since returned to Atlas to work on product marketing.


Tell us more about your Product Marketing Manager role at Atlas.

My product team focuses on building world-class ad serving and campaign management features that serve enterprise agencies and advertisers. It’s a really interesting role that gives me the opportunity to work in a truly cross-functional fashion. I’m constantly working with Product, Engineering, Sales, Account Management and our marketing/PR partners to build the right product, craft the right go-to-market strategies and drive adoption. Some days are spent conducting inbound market assessments and client engagements to make recommendations on the latest and greatest features that we should build for our target market segments. On other days, I might run alpha/beta tests or coordinate our go-to-market approach — and ultimately launch cool products. It’s all really fast-paced and fun!


What interests you most about working in the ad tech space?

I love the ever-changing, fast-paced nature of ad tech. There’s constant change in the marketplace and it’s so exciting to see the big steps these other ad tech companies are taking — and also, to figure out how we should respond through product, messaging, and more.


How do you think Atlas is changing the industry?

Quite simply, Atlas is at the forefront of the people-based marketing and cross-device movement. The persistence, accuracy, and scale that Atlas has from an ad serving, measurement, and targeting perspective enable advertisers to truly understand the effectiveness and ROI of their digital ad spend for the first time ever. And we also empower them to do something about it! We’re connecting advertisers full-circle with measurement of their business outcomes, and there’s tremendous value in our cross-device functionality. To be able to run campaigns on mobile apps while measuring and serving ads in a cookie-less environment? It’s truly amazing.


Is there anything you want to tell clients about Atlas that they don’t already know?

Atlas is the “secret sauce” for your digital ad spend. We care tremendously about the people who use our platform and we work hard to build functionality that truly delights our clients.