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Introducing the Atlas Partner Directory

By: Nik Ajagu, Global Head of Ad Tech Partnerships, Facebook |

The world of ad tech is rapidly changing. People-based marketing has created opportunities to deliver and measure campaigns like never before. Cross-device insights now exist at a scale that seemed impossible only a year ago. But our industry has a long way to go before all the ways we buy and measure media catch up to the ways our audience consumes it.

We want to accelerate change for the better, but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re launching a new and easier way to connect with our partner ecosystem. The Atlas Partner Program is an exciting initiative to help marketers, agencies and publishers connect with program members to maximize their value on the Atlas platform. The Atlas Partner Program strengthens the Atlas ecosystem by helping our clients find best-in-class solutions that complement our capabilities. And it builds a more inclusive community by enabling its members to integrate seamlessly with Atlas.

The key word here is value. By working with participants of the Atlas Partner Program, clients can reduce wasted workflow and expense. By working with Atlas they get the benefit of higher-quality inputs and an end-to-end platform that encourages innovation. And both groups benefit from the excitement and momentum of Facebook in ad tech.

At the core of this initiative lies the new Partner Directory, our client guide to companies who have an integrated relationship with Atlas. Each solution can be filtered across five categories: Search, Creative, Campaign Lifecycle, Measurement & Attribution and Verification & Privacy. For easy outreach, each partner’s listing includes a company description, contact information and more.

With the Partner Directory, advertisers and agencies don’t have to look far to find partners who support Atlas’ mission of delivering ads to real people, not cookies. This program reinforces our core business philosophies, which are: focus on long-term results, transparency and trust, devotion to innovation and a belief that relationships should benefit everyone involved.

Change is coming to ad tech. Cookie-based marketing may soon become obsolete as it can’t match the value and of people-based measurement. But innovation doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen in a vacuum — it’s a responsibility we all share. The Atlas Partner Program unites the industry’s best and brightest around one common goal: making advertising better for everyone.

Be a partner to innovation. Get started with the Atlas Partner Directory today.