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People-Based Marketing Should Be More Than a Catchphrase

By: Jennifer Kattula, Head of Ad Tech Marketing |

Advertisers have asked us recently to dig deeper into what makes the Atlas approach to people-based marketing so unique. To that end, I’m pleased to share our new white paper, “More Than a Catchphrase: How Atlas Makes People-Based Marketing a Reality.”

Here’s an overview of the topics we explore:

Discover how Atlas leverages Facebook’s cross-device footprint (950 million people and growing) to make people-based marketing a reality
Get answers to the questions that matter most: How can you be sure you’re reaching the right audience? And how can you reach people across multiple devices, browsers, apps and publishers?
Explore results from real Atlas clients, including Live Nation, Tommy Hilfiger, Guthy-Renker and Estée Lauder
Learn why relevant ad content is the forward-thinking solution to inspiring conversion and building loyalty for your brand
Find out how our recently launched Atlas Value Calculator can help you better understand the benefit of marketing to people instead of using cookies alone

When we say people-based marketing should be “more than a catchphrase,” we mean it. Download the new white paper today and get the practical insights you need to take your marketing to the next level.