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Real People of Atlas: Ian Magwire

Each month, we introduce our readers to a different member of the Atlas team. This month, we’d like you to meet …

Ian Magwire, Content Strategist

Ian was born and raised in Seattle, and his Pacific Northwest pride runs deep. As an avid outdoorsman and nature lover, he plans at least one big salmon fishing trip each year. “In my free time, you’ll find me in waders out on the water,” he shares. “Bottom-line, if I’m not in the office or at home, I’m fishing!” Read on to learn more about Ian and the important role he plays here at Atlas.


Hi Ian! We know you love the outdoors, but can you tell us a little bit more about your professional, “indoor” background?

I graduated college with a degree in English with a Creative Writing emphasis. I’ve had many jobs over the years but have always been drawn to human/computer interaction. In the past, I’ve focused on consumer-facing products, and I’m passionate about learning how to craft the best user experience possible.

I spent a few years at Expedia working on their hotel products, where I learned a lot about how to write and structure content in a way that was straightforward and human. I also fell in love with visual design during that time, and worked closely with design and research teams to help craft engaging experiences.


How are you applying that knowledge at Atlas?

As a content strategist, I wear many hats. I’m responsible for the product voice and tone, almost all of the language in the UI and some of the information architecture and product structure. I think of content strategy as the center of the Venn diagram of disciplines that crafts the final user experience.

I’ve worked on the Atlas team for just over a year. I went through the initial launch process at Ad Week last year. It was the first time I’d launched a product of this size and it was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.


What interests you most about working in the ad tech space?

Atlas posed an intriguing opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up. This company is a part of the broader online advertising ecosystem, and the people who use it have acquired a unique vocabulary and knowledge base. Writing for a UI that’s consumed by the online marketing community requires me to learn the terminology set they’re familiar with. Knowing when to use specific terms and when to rule out jargon can be a difficult balance to maintain, but it’s a super interesting problem to solve.


How do you think Atlas is changing the industry?

I think one of the key things that Atlas is doing for online advertising is changing the consumer experience for the better. People will soon be seeing better, more relevant ads online. I think we’re part of an awesome move towards more useful and engaging advertising experiences.


Is there anything you want to tell clients about Atlas that they don’t already know?

My sister-in-law always tells me about these amazing ads she sees on Facebook: “They SHOW ME what I want, when I want it.” Imagine bringing that experience to the rest of the web! I think the very idea of what an “ad” means will change over the next few years, and Atlas will be a big reason why.