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Case Study: Measuring On-Target Ad Delivery With Atlas

Being able to measure the true reach of your ad campaign is critical to success. Did the right audience see the right message? Without accurate insights based on the actions of real people instead of cookies alone, how do you know?

Two agencies recently asked themselves these same questions, then turned to Atlas’ people-based marketing to find the answer.

NetBooster, a European agency, wanted to understand if a recent campaign for Estee Lauder’s MAC Cosmetics — a new eye shadow rollout to females 18-44 — reached its intended audience across devices and publishers. Similarly, French agency 55 wanted to prove to Ferrero, one of the world’s largest confectioners, that its Tic Tac “Minions” campaign effectively delivered impressions to the target audience of adults 18-34.

Through the power of people-based marketing, Atlas helped answer that question for both campaigns. NetBooster and 55 were able to measure the success of their campaigns and understand how to better allocate resources in the future.

You can read more about how these companies found success with Atlas by downloading the full case studies now:

-NetBooster & MAC Cosmetics
-55 & Tic Tac