Introducing the Atlas Value Calculator

By: James Dailey, Head of Atlas Marketing Sciences

Do you know how off-target ad delivery is impacting your business? If you’re relying solely on cookie-based marketing to deliver your message, the answer may surprise you.

Today, we’re announcing the Atlas Value Calculator, an exciting new interactive tool that helps you understand how the superior accuracy of people-based ad delivery could help improve the efficiency of your digital marketing campaigns and add real value to your marketing efforts.

The Atlas Value Calculator



According to Nielsen’s latest Digital Ad Ratings industry norms, on-target ad delivery in the US is just 55%1. This means that nearly half of all digital ad impressions don’t reach their intended audience. When you aim to reach a specific audience and your ads deliver impressions to an unintended one, it dilutes the effectiveness of your campaign and can lead to waste.

You can use the Value Calculator to input real details from your campaign — such as total spend, CPM, target audience and country to get an estimate of how much off-target delivery could be impacting your campaigns.

People-based marketing can deliver and measure your campaigns based on real people. This means that you can share your message with the right people and identify campaign placements that aren’t being delivered to your desired audience. These insights can help you focus on more accurate channels instead.

Try the Value Calculator today to gain a real-world understanding of how people-based marketing can benefit your business.


1. Source: Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings Industry Norms, US, July 2014.