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Solving Marketer’s Latest Cross-Everything Dilemma at DMEXCO

The growth of mobile technology has triggered an unprecedented change in the way we communicate.  And the pace of change is accelerating. Advances in connectivity and technology mean that we operate in a 24/7 always-on environment. Consumers expect their advertising experiences to be fluid – people see brands not channels.

In an era where content and storytelling are at the heart of online brand experience, mobile has been a disruptor and it’s fragmenting these experiences. People have an infinite supply of content and more control of where to spend their time and attention. This has profound implications for businesses and advertisers.

The cookie technology that we have relied on for so long just doesn’t work on mobile; it’s outdated, flawed and no longer suits the cross device, cross-everything world we live in today. In this age, where over 90% of sales still occur offline1, we see that the challenge lies in connection and integration.

Marketers who put people and their experiences at the heart of everything they do will be the ones to succeed. If you’re attending DMEXCO in Cologne Germany this week, please join me, Brian Boland, Yann Gabay and Arnd Benninghoff as we discuss what people-based marketing means for media, marketing and cookie technology:

Solving the Marketers Latest Cross-Everything Dilemma
DMEXCO Debate Hall – September 17, 2015 – 12:15-12.45pm
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1. Source: US Census, 2014