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Prepare Your Ads for the Flashpocalypse!

By: Sarah Hartnett, Atlas Product Marketing Manager

Over the past few years, with the global increase in mobile device usage, advertisers and agencies have gradually begun adopting HTML5. But many still haven’t made the switch yet — primarily due to a lack of industry standards, creative development knowledge and operational updates.

But those still holding out will soon need to pick up the pace. Google has announced that starting this month, it’s Chrome browser will automatically pause Flash content on publisher websites until the viewer actively resumes playback.1 This update impacts all Flash ads served on Chrome, by all ad servers and publishers in the industry.

Some publishers have even made the move to stop accepting SWF (small web format) Flash files. Amazon recently announced that, beginning September 1st, they’ll no longer accept Flash creative for rendering display on Amazon owned and operated properties.

As a result of this change by publishers, we’re seeing higher engagement from agencies and creative developer partners on this issue, with many requests for webinars, tips, and best practices. We’ve also received an unprecedented number of inquiries about HTML5 — news we find promising.

Why? HTML5 is cross-device by design, capable of running on most devices and browsers (including mobile), and provides better browser performance in the process. Atlas was designed to enable agencies and advertisers to transition to a cross-device world, and we’re excited to see creative tools that can make this transition possible.

If you’re an advertiser or agency still running Flash ads, we recommend transitioning to HTML5 immediately to ensure your ads can be seen by as many people as possible. If you continue to serve Flash, desktop web viewers will see a pause button over your Flash-based creative instead of experiencing it automatically. But impressions will likely still be measured by publishers and ad servers, which will result in a skewed view of performance. To ensure that your ads work on all browsers and devices, we recommend the following:

Atlas is here to help our agencies and advertisers avert the Flashpocalypse by answering questions about transitioning to HTML5. If you’re an Atlas client, please reach out to your Platform Solution Consultant.

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