Atlas Solutions

In-App Conversion Measurement Now Available

Today, we’re excited to announce the next enhancement for the Atlas universal tag – that snippet of code attributing website actions to advertising campaigns. In addition to measuring page loads and call-to-action clicks, Atlas universal tags can now be used to measure in-app events such as installs, engagements or in-app purchases.

Using people-based measurement, Atlas can attribute these in-app events across channels – media served on desktop, mobile web or other mobile apps – and deliver the ability to re-target audiences as well.

This enhanced functionality gives you the ability to understand how audiences are interacting with your app like never before. For example, you can now see how many people downloaded your app after seeing video ads on a desktop publisher or mobile app install ads on Facebook. This lets you optimize buys across channels and then, using Atlas retargeting, engage with the people who installed your app to drive further interaction.

Learn more about Atlas universal tags by contacting your account team.