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Atlas Links Online Ads to In-Store Sales

As one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands, Tommy Hilfiger is committed to telling each consumer the right story — in the right place, at the right time — as a means of building the path from awareness to conversion. Driven by its long-standing passion for innovation, the company recently developed a unique European display campaign that delivers a targeted consumer experience across every touchpoint.

Given Tommy Hilfiger’s strong online presence and commitment to omnichannel creative sequencing, it’s crucial to understand that its innovative digital strategy delivers more than just impressions. That’s why the company asked Atlas for help determining the success of its recent efforts in driving in-store purchases.

Atlas’ ability to link online ads to in-store sales — while measuring impressions across devices — proved essential in answering the question.

We found that Hilfiger’s digital ads influenced 13% of physical retail purchases over a three-month study of German in-store buyers. Additionally, we learned that consumers reached on both desktop and mobile devices purchased at more than twice the rate of those reached on only one device type.


“We are constantly seeking new ways to engage our consumers in today’s rapidly changing digital world. We are excited by programs that allow us to tailor our brand story to specific targets, driving higher conversion levels and and stronger consumer insights.” said Avery Baker, Chief Brand and Marketing Officer, Tommy Hilfiger. “Our cross-device strategy with Atlas has delivered strong results. The campaign has not only supported online sales and engagement, but has also driven a measurable increase of in-store purchases – a result that has previously been challenging to measure.”

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