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Real People of Atlas: Bryan Hurt

Each month, we introduce our readers to a different member of the Atlas team. This month, meet …

Bryan Hurt, Support Engineer, Seattle Office

As a Seattle resident, Bryan says his life is dictated by the weather. In the summer, he loves to get outside and appreciate the natural beauty of Washington State. And when the weather cools down, you can find him indoors every Sunday watching the Seahawks on TV … or even braving the cold for an occasional home game.

What is your professional experience/background?

I graduated with a Computer Science degree.  Since then, I’ve been involved in production technology support in several different industries. It wasn’t until 2011 that a colleague suggested I check out the company he worked for.  He was a Technical Account Manager for a company called Razorfish, a digital advertising agency. Choosing a career in advertising was never on my radar before, but the more I learned about it, the deeper and more fascinating it became — especially the ways in which it intersected with digital content.

While working at Razorfish, I was introduced to various ad technology companies, and Atlas was the one I became most acquainted with. Shortly after, the news came out that Atlas had been acquired by Facebook. I knew Facebook would take Atlas in new and interesting directions, and felt like I had to find out for myself.

 What is your job title? How long have you been on the Atlas team?

I’m a Tier II Escalation Engineer and have been a part of the team since January 2014.  Tier II exists to ensure that the greater Atlas Operations team has a proper technical understanding of the product. If a client needs to understand how the product functions, Tier II is happy to help answer their questions. We tend to work behind the scenes most of the time, but if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a technical service announcement (TSA) email, you’re familiar with Tier II’s work without even knowing it!

What interests you most about working in ad tech?

The ad tech space is ripe for improvement, perhaps now more than ever.  Advertising is a business that has been around as long as people have, but with the integration of today’s rapidly evolving and improving technologies, there’s a limitless set of possibilities for how it can improve advertising for everyone —advertisers, publishers and most importantly, consumers. We are now in an age where advertising really has the potential to be wholly useful and relevant.

How do you think Atlas is changing the industry?

As I learned when I first got here, Facebook has big plans for the industry. When considered in tandem with Facebook data, Atlas’ people-based reporting and targeting capabilities are, quite frankly, industry game changers. As advertisers grow more and more comfortable with the idea of people-based marketing, I firmly believe that it will one day become the industry standard.

Is there anything you want to tell clients about Atlas that they don’t know?

Our product has no shortage of plans for the future. Atlas has spent the last year building and delivering on its fundamental components. There’s a lot of exciting things on the roadmap ahead that are going to further set Atlas’ capabilities apart from the rest of the ad tech industry.