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Atlas Connects the Dots From Impression to Purchase

Direct marketing leader Guthy-Renker — highly regarded for their innovative campaigns for Proactiv Solutions, the world’s best-selling acne treatment — recently commissioned Atlas to explore the relationship between the company’s independent investments in paid search and display.

The question was simple: Does each channel drive its own purchase results separately, or do the two efforts overlap to influence conversions together? Due to Atlas’ ability to match consumers with the ads they’ve been served across devices, finding the answer was relatively straightforward.

Atlas traced the ad exposure history of 12,000 online Proactiv buyers all the way back to their initial impression to determine the total impact of both channels. In about one of every six conversions, it was determined that the purchaser first saw a display ad for Proactiv but later clicked on a search ad as well. This meant that 16% of all online buyers clicked on a search ad after first being served upstream by a display ad.1

A third-party platform without Atlas’ cross-device, people-based marketing capabilities would’ve attributed all of these purchases to search alone, and Guthy-Renker would still be unaware of the synergy generated by the two channels working together.


“I always suspected that increasing display advertising on a last-click basis undervalues its true impact on driving new customers,” said Guthy-Renker CMO Jay Sung. “Now I know. And now I can make better choices about how to balance budgets across tactics.”

For more details, read the full success story here.

1. Atlas Internal Data, February 2015.