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Real People of Atlas: Francesco Sommariva

Each month, we introduce our readers to a different member of the Atlas team. This month …

Meet Francesco Sommariva, Agency Partner, London Office

While he works closely with our agency partners, Francesco doesn’t consider himself an “ordinary salesman” — he’s more of a listener than a talker when it comes to interfacing with clients. Francesco likes to spend his free time “testing his half-decent basketball skills” at London parks, or cooking with his girlfriend although, Francisco says “she’s much better at it than I am”.

What is your professional background?

I first landed in ad tech in 2010 after working in the energy industry for some time.

My first experience in ad tech was at Google, selling ad servers and yield management platforms to DoubleClick publishers. I then moved to London to work on the “buy” side of the LUMAscape, managing big brands purchasing through agencies and programmatic direct. It’s been a very interesting ride so far!

How long have you been on the Atlas team?

I’m a newbie here, having landed on the rapidly growing Atlas team this year. I joined at a very exciting time where we’ve just launched the product here in the UK and I am in charge of onboarding our first agency and client partners.

What do you do at Atlas?

I help agencies and advertisers unlock the potential of people-based marketing. By implementing Atlas on their sites, marketers can accurately determine which audiences have been exposed to which message with the highest confidence possible — and make targeting decisions accordingly.

What interests you most about working in the ad tech space?

Ad tech is at the heart of all marketing, and it’s changing the rules of the game for CMOs across the globe. Brands have the opportunity to take a scientific approach to measuring their media spend while also making informed, data-driven decisions. Working in the industry, I am able to help key decision makers in their transition from “mad men” to “math men” as they move their businesses forward to keep up with the challenges of digital.

How do you think Atlas is changing the industry?

It’s fixing what everyone thought couldn’t be fixed: cookies as an industry standard for measurement. Moving to people-based marketing strengthens your business from the ground up. Marketers are now able to see with accuracy how many people have been exposed to their message, attribute cross-device conversions that weren’t visible before and tie offline sales to online ad exposure. All of this is due to the width and depth of Facebook data.

Is there anything you want to tell clients about Atlas that they don’t already know?

When speaking with clients, I like to do some myth busting: it really doesn’t take that long to get up and running. If a client is using a tag management system, Atlas can piggyback on those tags. And if a client doesn’t yet have a system in place, our Universal Tags have tag-management capabilities and can be piggybacked by any other third-party measurement solution. And we’ll help them implement at every step of the way. It’s really that simple!