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Real People of Atlas: Swati Rai

In the Real People of Atlas series, we’ll introduce you to a different member of the Atlas team each month. This month …

Meet Swati Rai, Client Partner, Singapore office

Swati loves writing, mostly using good old-fashioned pen and paper but also on her blog, Bliss Boomerang. She enjoys traveling and street photography and tries to pack her bags and travel from her home in Singapore to Europe each year, always taking lots of photos and having adventures along the way.

What is your professional experience/background?

I started out my career at Google learning all about online marketing, and later working on Google Analytics. In a few years, I moved to Mindshare where I spent my time planning holistic media strategies for clients across the digital spectrum. I later I found an opportunity to start Audience Science’s offices in Singapore and lead the management for their DMP in Asia only to have Facebook find me and bring me in to work on their exciting piece of business, Atlas which I thoroughly enjoy growing and developing for Asia Pacific.

What do you work on at Atlas?

I lead Atlas adoption and growth for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India across the 6 big agency holding groups. As a Client Partner, I ensure that our most valued agency partners are empowered to take advantage of Atlas to drive their clients’ business goals. Asia Pacific is an emerging market for Ad Tech but it is an exciting place to be as we see this as the growth engine and Rocket ship for all things advertising.

How long have you been on the Atlas team?

I’ve been on the Atlas team for 11 months now but I already feel like an Atlas oldie!

What interests you most about working in the ad tech space?

The Ad Tech industry is fast paced, innovative, data driven and solution oriented and that is what makes it very interesting for me. Ad technology innovation is at the helm of creating what the future of advertising will look like. It enables businesses to drive tremendous growth by delivering real time meaningful, optimised advertising. Brands have an interesting set of choices available when picking ad tech partners, and the choice they make will directly impact their business advancement.

How do you think Atlas is changing the industry?

The business challenges that brands were struggling with for years end with Atlas. We’ve put people at the center by bringing people-based marketing to the internet. Atlas is at the forefront of enabling a faster pace of innovation in technology and disrupting the way advertising was planned and measured in the past. Anyone can build an ad server, but building one that’s focused to solve for the top business challenges for advertisers is what makes Atlas a world-class business solution. Atlas distinguishes itself based on innovation and the immediate impact and value it drives for marketers. Our product is built around what matters most for businesses to succeed and has been rightly called ‘Marketing Nirvana.’ We understand that it is all about the people who are our client’s customers.

Is there anything you want to tell clients about Atlas that they don’t know?

Having worked at a media agency for while, I am aware of the struggle that exists around targeting the right consumer and measuring mobile to drive real results. There is no ad serving platform available that provides targeting by real people and not cookies and provides cross device serving and measurement. For a Digital account lead who understands the power for Atlas as an ad serving and measurement tool, Atlas is dream come true. It solves the targeting problem, it identifies where you’re off target and gives you an option to change your media plan accordingly. And most importantly, it measures the one device where consumers spend the most amount of time – mobile thereby solving the cross device measurement problem. The 2012 me would have killed for ad ad server like this.