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People-Based Marketing: Go Behind the Buzz

By Jennifer Kattula, Head of Atlas Marketing |

Our new white paper, “Behind the Buzz: People-Based Marketing Defined,” is now available to download. If you’re reading this right now, it’s safe to say you’re probably already familiar with the phrase “people-based marketing.” We’ve been hearing it a lot too, ever since Atlas debuted it at Ad Week last fall. We’re glad it’s caught on, and we’re pretty sure we know why.

By 2018, mobile will account for more than 70% of all digital marketing spend,1 leaving desktop behind. And since the measurement technology marketers have relied on for years hasn’t evolved fast enough to meet the demands of mobile, marketers are excited about the prospect of finding new and more effective ad solutions. Others in the industry have also begun using people-centric terminology to describe their products.

However, not all people-based marketing is created equal. The only ad tech solutions capable of finding and engaging directly with consumers are the ones that deliver accurate, authentic insights about real people, based on persistence and scale.

Atlas moves beyond cookies to reveal the connections between online, mobile and in-store experiences, delivering ad targeting and measurement of unprecedented power. By putting people at the core of success, we can help marketers understand, guide and grow their results more effectively than ever before. Go behind the buzz and learn more about “people-based marketing” by downloading our new white paper today.

1 eMarketer, “Total US Ad Spending To See Largest Increase Since 2004”, July 2014, U.S.