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People-Based Marketing Requires People-First Privacy

By Sarah Rotman Epps, Product Marketing Manager, Facebook |

Imagine you’re on your phone, scrolling through a favorite app, when serendipity strikes. You see an ad for a compact, waterproof blanket you didn’t even know existed. What makes this so lucky? You’ve been planning a camping trip recently, and until now, haven’t been able to find the right blanket. When you get back to your laptop, you order one.

It turns out to be a great decision. When you go on your trip, your pack is lighter and your cool nights are warmer. And you’re not the only one to benefit. With your purchase, the advertiser grows its business and has confidence its campaign is working. The publisher makes money as well by showing the right ad to the right audience.

Delivering relevant ads that create value for both consumers and businesses is the value and the vision we’re creating with Atlas. With relevance comes a responsibility to put people first. It means being transparent about what information we use to show ads and protecting the information that people entrust to us. This means building people-first privacy into the DNA of every product and feature we release.

This starts with training: every employee is trained in our privacy obligations. It continues with product design: we include cross-functional privacy review as part of the product development process. We have senior leaders across the company whose sole focus is privacy. And when we partner with other companies to offer services to Atlas customers, we carefully choose partners that make a similar commitment to protecting people’s information. Partners can activate their own data using Atlas, but they can’t take Facebook data out of the system.

At Atlas, we’re building the future of marketing to create value for consumers, marketers and publishers alike. And to explain in greater depth what we mean, we’ve created a new privacy one-pager that you can download here.