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Atlas Best Practices: Creative Concepts

By Nick Rivano, Atlas Technical Account Manager |

Welcome to the first post of a new Atlas blog series written for Atlas customers who are using the platform. As part of this series we want to equip you with best practices and help clarify new or advanced Atlas and ad tech concepts.

Today we’ll dive into creative concepts.

So what are creative concepts? Creative concepts are a way of packaging all of your creative files that promote the same creative message into a single grouping in Atlas. Atlas understands that while you may have different sizes, each file is communicating the same message to your consumer. You can then take the creative concept, apply a URL to create a single ad, and then assign this single ad across all placement sizes that match the sizes of the files in the creative concept.

Imagine this scenario: You get into work, and waiting in your Inbox is a request for trafficking a new campaign. The traffic sheet, URLs, and creatives are all attached. Your first step is to upload the creative, so you snatch them from the email and open up the zip file.

Now begins the long and arduous process of uploading them into separate creative assets into your ad  server. If you have three creatives like this campaign, that’s three assets. Or if you have 50 creatives, that’s 50 assets. Most of the time the creative upload and ad creation processes are separate as well, which makes this even more time-consuming. Multiply this by all the campaigns you do in a week, or a month, and that’s a lot of tedious work. With Atlas, we are aiming to help our Ad Operations friends by streamlining this creative upload process with creative concepts.

Other ad servers or buy-side technologies may require you to upload all three files into separate creatives, create three ads, and then have to match each ad to the appropriate placement based on size. Using creative concepts in Atlas, you would simply create a single creative concept, a single ad, and assign it across all placements where you’d want your message to run.

With only three ads, this may not seem like a big deal. However, scale this to 20 creative messages across 10 sizes and 100 campaigns and the potential for saving time could increase substantially.

With Atlas all you need to focus on is, “what message do I want to serve on which publishers and placements?” and let Atlas take care of selecting the right size. This is the main goal of using creative concepts. We hope you spend your newly acquired free time well!

Also, if you’re an existing Atlas customer, be sure to check out the new Getting Started section in the Atlas Help Center. This resource provides instructions as well as tips for how to best prepare and launch your campaigns with Atlas. You can access it by clicking on the Help link on the top right of the Atlas console.