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Lookback: Atlas | The Forum

By Jennifer Kattula, Director of Marketing, Atlas |

Forum: (n) fo·rum \ˈfr-əm\ A medium of open discussion and the expression of ideas

What do you get when you bring dozens of agency leaders, influencers and exceptional marketers together in one place? A meeting of the very best minds in advertising. On March 11 in Sydney and March 20 in London, we hosted Atlas | The Forum, our first in a series of flagship events discussing the future of advertising and modern imperatives for marketers in the world of the always-connected consumer.

Brian Boland, Facebook VP of AdTech presenting at the Atlas | The Forum London event, March 20, 2015

As Erik noted in his blog post last week, the future of marketing is already here. People are now moving fluidly across devices, and they expect a seamless experience that promotes relevance in advertising regardless of how they consume the information. This leads us to four inevitable trends that marketers face today:

– Mobile and the “everywhere consumer”
– Cross-device and the shift to poly-device
– Speed to market and the need for real-time, high-fidelity data
– Consumer attention at a premium

These trends lead to one conclusion: the current solution for knitting together the online consumer experience – cookies – is outdated. People are carrying around multiple devices, switching between them more frequently and purchasing in different ways. As a result, we’re essentially blind to the customer journey, particularly on mobile.

Using measurement based on people is the only way to get an accurate picture of how your customers engage and purchase across devices, and it’s the only way to stitch digital exposure to purchases that happen offline. This is people-based marketing, which you can learn more about by reading our white paper.

At The Forum, we discussed the trends and challenges marketers face today, and the ways people-based marketing can help solve them.

People-based marketing provides the high-fidelity data that marketers need, boosting confidence in the ever-growing digital and mobile strategies that are a critical component of today’s marketing and media plans.

It also enables new scenarios that haven’t been possible before now. Imagine the ability to understand if your ads reached your actual target audience – not based on proxies, but on real people – and to fully gauge the impact of each ad.

With a more accurate read on reach and frequency, you can reinvest in publishers and channels that provide more of the audience you’re seeking. Additionally, imagine having the ability to connect your digital campaign to offline sales, and to understand which online levers contribute most to the cash register ringing.

Atlas makes it possible to solve these critical problems today by the application of clear, people-based marketing solutions.

We look forward to hosting The Forum in more cities around the world in the coming months. In the meantime, please contact your Atlas Account Team for more information.