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Real People of Atlas: Leigh Stadler

In the Real People of Atlas series, we’ll introduce you to a different member of the Atlas team each month. This month …

Meet Leigh Stadler, Client Partner

Leigh grew up on the beach with dreams of becoming a marine biologist as a child. The digital advertising world is where he spends his time these days – he’s seen every side of the industry in the past 10 years and has spent the last five on the advertiser side at Atlas. Although he’s based in the New York City office, he’s always up for escaping to the beach (“any beach, anywhere”).

What is your professional experience?
I’ve been in the digital advertising world for 10 years now and I’ve seen every side of the industry. I started in research, moved to publisher side ad serving, then over to an ad network, and finally rounded out my experience on the agency/advertiser side with Atlas.

What do you work on at Atlas?
I’m a Client Partner at Atlas. As a client partner it’s my job to share with agencies and advertisers the solutions that Atlas can provide in a challenging digital landscape and educate them on the overall inefficiencies of cookies.

How long have you been on the Atlas team?
I’ve worked at Atlas for almost 5 years now; 3 at Microsoft and 2 here at Facebook. Coming over in the acquisition was a great experience. Being able to be a part of the Atlas launch at Ad tech last year was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget!

What interests you most about working in the ad tech space?
Ad tech is truly the backbone of the digital industry. Ad tech leads innovation and informs some of the largest decisions in digital advertising. It’s also one of the fastest growing industries, which has been exciting to watch.

How do you think Atlas is changing the industry?
Where to start? Atlas is reshaping the industry in so many ways. First and foremost, having a people-based measurement solution not based on cookies is a game changer in a multi-device world where cookies just don’t work.  Advertisers can now begin to truly understand exactly how and where their media dollars are being spent. Atlas enables advertisers to optimize their digital media strategy in ways beyond what traditional measurement has provided to date, and greatly enhances people’s overall advertising experience by delivering content to the end user that is actually relevant to them.

Is there anything you want to tell clients about Atlas that they don’t know?
Atlas is brand new! It’s an entirely new code base, a new fresh user interface and more importantly a new experience that removes the burden of painful ad trafficking.

What inspires you?
People. In both my personal and professional life, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by truly amazing, talented people who inspire me everyday.

Childhood Nickname: Leighroy