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Real People of Atlas: Jason McHugh

In the Real People of Atlas series, we’ll introduce you to a different member of the Atlas team each month. This month …


Meet Jason McHugh, Software Developer Engineer

Jason has a passion for building things and has been involved in the “maker” community for a few years. After getting his computer science degree from Boston College, he went on to receive his Master’s and PhD degrees from Stanford. His career path led him from a start-up to Amazon, and in March of 2013, to Atlas.

What do you work on at Atlas?
I’m a software developer engineer. On a good day this means that I get to sit at my desk and write code to support the Atlas product.

How long have you been on the Atlas team?
I’ve been a part of the Atlas team for about 95 weeks – that’s nearly two years!

What interests you most about working in the ad tech space?
Ad tech is a new space for me, and I enjoy working in new domains and learning how to apply technology to the problems within the domain.

How do you think Atlas is changing the industry?
I think that our focus on real people (and not on manufactured identities stored in browser cookies or even identities associated with a single device) will help advertisers achieve the highest value for their ad dollars.

Is there anything you want to tell clients about Atlas that they don’t know?
The Atlas product and development team is committed to the success of the product far beyond any other team that I have ever worked with.  (And I’m no spring chicken.)  Please tell us if anything isn’t working correctly or if there is anything that we can improve!