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Atlas Insights Series: Are you reaching the right people?

By Rebecca Sharpe, Atlas Insights |

It’s no secret that some products appeal to certain segments of consumers more than to others, and this preference is particularly true for women’s health and wellness products. In general it’s women – not men – who buy these products, and therefore marketers should target their message to a predominantly female audience. Atlas evaluated the on-target percentage for marketers of women’s health and wellness products.

For eight different marketers operating internationally in the month of November, we concluded that only 60% of people reached were women. These marketers did not do this on purpose; publishers relying on cookies simply can’t ensure more accurate targeting. Despite optimizing as much as possible in the world of cookie-based advertising, 2 out of 5 people seeing advertisements for these products were actually men. Further, when these men were reached, they saw on average at least 5 ads. With Atlas people-based measurement, marketers uncover the true on-target delivery rate and can hold their publisher channels accountable.